Nail Services

These offerings are reflective of the Summer 2014 menu.

Gentleman's Nail Buff

An essential for the modern man, this treatment is tailored to hands or feet and includes an energy-balancing massage, a cuticle and nail shaping and a brisk buffing to create a clean, confident appearance. Pedicure includes a muscle relaxing foot soak. 

Hands: 30 minutes, $40

Feet: 30 minutes, $60

Signature Manicure & Pedicure

Richly pampering, this specialty service includes detailed nail care, a muscle relaxing soak, a reviving hand and leg treatment and paraffin wax treatment, which leaves skin soft and hydrated. You’ll be wrapped in a warming neck pillow during your relaxing hand and foot massage, and then nails are naturally buffed or painted with a polish of your choice. Pedicure includes a callous treatment.

Manicure: 45 minutes, $75

Pedicure: 60 minutes, $95

Ladies Manicure & Pedicure

For the avid texter, travel diva and successful woman, your overworked hands and feet will instantly feel refreshed and revitalized. Service includes nail and cuticle care, relaxing massage, hot towel wrap and nail polish application. Pedicure includes a muscle relaxing foot soak.

Manicure: 30 minutes, $45

Pedicure: 45 minutes, $65

Add Gel Polish to Your Manicure or Pedicure

There’s simply no time for chipped manicures and pedicures. The technician applies a base coat, color and top coat, with UV curing in between. It’s instantly 100 percent dry and the shine factor with this is quite unbelievable. 


Children's Manicure & Pedicure

Gentle nail care and choice of nail color.

(For guests under 12 years old)

Manicure: 20 minutes, $30

Pedicure: 20 minutes, $30