Signature Treatments

These offerings are reflective of the Summer 2014 menu.

Soft Like Silk

Your journey begins with our Ciel Body Cocktail experience, and while cocooned, you’ll enjoy our Clear Mind Scalp Enhancement and completely unwind with a 30 minute Ciel Massage.

2 hours, $400

Serenity Lifts Spirits

Our Stimulating Body Buff will improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system and exfoliate your skin, then you’ll de-stress in our soaking tub engulfed in soothing bubbles and finish in complete serenity with a 60 minute Ciel Massage. 

2 hours, $360

Sweet Loving Souls

This pampering for two begins with a romantic relaxation soak in our side by side couples bath with a glass of Champagne, followed by a comforting 90 minute Ciel Massage with L’Aroma Remedy Enhancement. 

2 hours, $575

Soothe Life's Stresses

Detox from recent travels with our Energy Lift Ritual experience, followed by a purifying body soak and customized tea to enhance internal cleansing. Lastly, relieve stiffness and soreness with our 90 minute Ciel Muscle Refresher Massage with a Clear Mind Scalp Enhancement.

4 hours, $595